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Bison Trawl Doors are designed by John Ashworth and manufactured by Edwin Ashworth Marine Ltd.

Bison Trawl Doors.

Bison Trawl Doors are designed by John Ashworth, developed during the early eighties and manufactured by Edwin Ashworth Marine Ltd..

Customers requirements are individually designed for, while there are 19 different sizes produced, each pair of doors are manufactured to suit a Skipperís particular method of Fishing, for example, single trawling, twin trawling, long sweeps, attaching doors to wing ends, very shallow water to deep.

This is accomplished by the Companies knowledge of the Bisonís unique design, of shooting easily and hauling up, holding the sea bed, especially in poor weather, keeping a consistent spread, being environmentally friendly, in fuel efficiency and ground contact, and being able to traverse any sea-bed.

Because the Bison Trawl door design was an original concept, the exact characteristic of the door known within the design, and with the addition of the hands on experience of the designer, a tremendous backup service is provided covering the whole trawl from the warps to the cod-end.

About John Ashworth.

John started work in the Fishing Industry in 1963, although it was not until the mid seventies that he became involved with Trawl doors.

With the collapse of the UK Deep Sea Industry a Scarborough inshore Skipper - Bill Messruther persuaded John to design his own doors based on the knowledge of his hobby of flying and sailing. With the help of underwater filming by the Marine Laboratory Aberdeen, the Bison Door was born, and the start of a 20 year journey began of John working on board fishing vessels around the world, for sales or learning the trade.

He rarely goes to sea now, but continues the advancement of the Bison door, as is evident of the latest method of rigging, and runs the office side, now that Angus Ashworth, who is a Territorial Army soldier, has returned from deployment in Afghanistan at the end of April 2009, and who now runs the shop floor.

About the Company.

The original Edwin Ashworth Company was started around 1850 and became a Limited Company in 1943. John is the 5th. generation, and is now followed by his Son - Angus.

The Company originated in Manchester before moving to Retford, Nottinghamshire in 1880, remaining there for over 100 years before relocating in Kirkbymoorside for steel trawl door production, which by that time, had completely taken over from being Hide and Sizing Merchants, glue stock and gelatine, manufactures of pickers for the weaving looms, limed hide for the basket trade, and eventually after WW11 supplying hides for use on the underneath of the cod-ends, the start of the introduction to the Fishing Industry.

It was from these early days the trade name of Bison was used, the European Bison, and continued to the trawl doors as a reminder of the past. For over 150 years the Ashworth Company has traded globally.

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